Geology of west Lithuania

Short animation I did. A little piece of the Baltic sedimentary basin geology from west Lithuania. Similar geology is present in west Kaliningrad district and west of Latvia.

Did you notice? When you work on some certain area for a long time and you gain data and knowledge about it – you get better and better picture of geology, then just by looking at a simple engineer-colored structural map of that area you see not only depths, faults, but also lithology, its distribution, you know thicknesses, what’s on top, what’s below, how it formed, what sedimentation was, what tectonic activity was… Then one day your non-geologist friend asks a question about geology of this area and… oh boy… you start drawing in the air geology story, from what the sandstone is, what environment was there 500 Ma ago, how it changed, why carbonates occurred, did dinosaurs walked here, why whole block was faulted, where from oil occurred and why now we have what we have… And during this whole geology story telling there is this teeny-tiny suspicion that he does not really understand what you are talking about 😀

Pictures and animations work better in such case 😊