Hi! My name is Lina Jakaitė. I am geologist who loves 3D art. And you are in my portfolio-type site.

By education I am a geologist. During my geology studies I was more of a carbonate rocks person, then spent few years working in quaternary geology (sand, gravel pits). Later worked as a petroleum geologist. But one of my after-work hobbies was always drawing, paper first, digital art later. Working as a geologist I‘ve gained knowledge and skills in various GIS based software and since my hobbies include digital art - I’ve also gained skills in some art and design software. When those two, geology and art, parts are combined – interesting results can be achieved. Some of these are shown in this site. And since this is my personal site, I let myself post samples from pure geology to pure art, including mixed ones. Obviously, only minor part of my work is posted here, because most of it includes private data not supposed to be shared.

Why Strike-dip.com? Why not? I guess that you will remember ‘strike-dip’ a lot better than ‘lina jakaite’. Am I right? However, there are chances that you came here while looking for explanation of what ‘strike and dip’ in geology mean. So, I’m keeping in mind to make small illustration for this one too.

P. S. If you think I could help you with your project – do not hesitate to contact me by email: lina.jakaite@strike-dip.com

If you like what I do and want to be updated – find me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Art Station or Gumroad (check the icons at the top of the page for quick link).