Geological modelling and interpretation

Geological modelling and interpretation


We specialize in using both simple and complex, old and new, paper and digital geological data to visualize, analyze and interpret geology to help you solve your geological needs and to choose the right direction of your further works.

With almost 10 years of experience in modelling we also gained knowledge and expertise in related tasks like digitizing the geological data, mapping, correlation, petrophysical and seismic data interpretation. It is often the case these days that geological companies have the surplus of the data, great part of which is almost never used either because it is not assumed to be of any value or is too complicated to integrate and understand. Because of this we also started to use various machine learning techniques in our work.

Our services include:

  • Geological interpretation, 3D modelling and representation using well and/or seismic and/or map data
  • Digitizing well log and map data
  • Analyzing, digitizing, modelling Russian language based geological data
  • Solving problems using machine learning techniques
  • Integrating all above mentioned

We love what we do therefore we do it top quality!

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